March 17, 2006

Cal Eliminated In NCAA Tournament

And that was that. One and done. As I had mentioned last week, I had the ominous suspicion that Cal's involvement with the NCAA Tournament would be fleeting. The team hadn't exactly coasted through the Pac Ten season and tournament, and hadn't exactly played the most dominant of non-conference schedules, while not exactly featuring a full five-man squad and a deep bench. As the team was single player centric, it was not out of realm to expect they would lose to North Carolina State. Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports had picked Cal to lose as well, even though they had the higher seed. While I may be a true Cal fan and wish the team well, it wasn't a big surprise to see them go down so fast, and fall they did, 58-52. Though the team led at halftime, and kept it close, even to the last final minutes, it wasn't enough to advance to the round of 32.

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