March 28, 2006

401k Matchup Closer Than Expected

On March 7th, we started tracking how well our own individual investments were producing, in comparison to those selected by a "professional" running our 401k, through Fidelity. What we've seen is that while my peaks have been higher than those of the fund, the valleys are of course, lower, and with the 401k slowly trending flat to slightly up, a true measure of my progress vs. the 401k is instead just how many up days I have versus down days. If I'm up, I'm up higher than the 401k, and if I'm down, I'm down more than the 401k. It's that simple. It's rare that I would go one direction and the market another. So... a few weeks into our little unqualified, unsanctioned, nobody wins anything contest, the current standings are eight to seven, with my pulling ahead today at the end of market close. We'll keep watching.

Listening to ''Blue Fear'', by Sasha (Play Count: 7)

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