February 17, 2006

Top Ten Olympic Sports To Cancel

I'm getting just a little bit tired of hearing the waltz play for the ice dancing... guess what... it's the same song for every single pair! That's a little wrong. If you're the judge, how can you not want to look around for the hemlock for a quick exit? But ice dancing is a little ridiculous. Sure, it's hard to do - I can't do it. But is it a sport? Does it belong in the Olympics? I don't think so. And it's not the only sport with qualities just a little less redeeming than bowling or 7-card stud. So here's a list of ten sports that need to die an Olympic death (Winter or Summer).

1. Synchronized Swimming
2. Table Tennis
3. Ice Dancing
4. Rhythmic Gymnastics
5. Curling
6. Handball
7. Badminton
8. Kayaking
9. Taekwando
10.Equestrian (Let's give the medals to the horses)

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