January 21, 2006

Tomorrow: Football Season Comes to a Head

As chronicled earlier here, things have gone fairly well so far in our fantasy football playoffs, which is somewhat of a surprising development given I had the last pick in our draft, and experts are befuddled by how well the wild card teams have done in the last two weeks - with both Pittsburgh and Carolina one win away from the Super Bowl, while favorites Indianapolis and New England are planning their winter breaks a few weeks early.

It's highly likely that my doing well is due in part to these surprises - as those drafting higher loaded up on favorites like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Corey Dillon and Edgerrin James from the Colts and Patriots. As a result, I zigged when they zagged, picking up Steve Smith of the Panthers, Hines Ward, and Pittsburgh's Defense and Special Teams. While Matt Hasselback plays for me as well on the favored Seahawks, it was my Carolina/Pittsburgh connection that's worked so well thus far.

If Carolina and Pittsburgh were to match up in the Super Bowl, two of my opponents would be completely out of players, and done. I just need Pittsburgh to paste Denver to nearly clinch it. If the Broncos pull it off at home, we could be in big trouble. Should be interesting.

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