January 15, 2006

The Good Guys Won

Following up on last night's post (Fantasy Football: Playoffs: Week 2), I said that in order to place well in the fantasy football league playoffs, I needed Carolina to beat Chicago, and for Steve Smith to have a good game. I also said that I was half-heartedly rooting for Indianapolis, as having Pittsburgh win also got me an advantage over the competition.

As you know by now, Pittsburgh stunned the Colts, and Carolina did away with Chicago - on the back of Steve Smith's 200+ receiving yards to go with a pair of touchdowns. His big day's pushed me into a tie for first, and (knock on wood), things look pretty good the rest of the way. A back of a napkin look says that I need Pittsburgh to win next week too, and if Carolina were to somehow beat Seattle, that'd knock out two of my three opponents. As with Pittsburgh/Indianapolis today, I'm pretty split on the outcome of that game.

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Go Steelers!